About the artist

Hello beautiful people! My name is Izabela and I'm 25 years old artist based in Germany.

Non-verbal communication became my obsession as soon as I accepted life as a place full of misunderstandings. I was born and raised in Poland, then moved to Germany at the age of 14, so the inability to communicate was a part of my life during my teenage years. My paintings are about my most hidden feelings, emotions and longings that I am afraid of but at the same time would love to explore. Colors became a powerful tool for me to express what words cannot. Common themes are anxiety and depression, but a lot of hope also shines through. Every single painting session feels therapeutic and is a constant part of my daily routine.

My approach to oil painting is very structured. My journey through various artistic mediums and techniques has given me a solid foundation for my work with oil paints.

I started my artistic journey in my childhood when I focused on the precise depiction of details and aesthetic perfection in my drawings and paintings. This obsession with accuracy and beauty probably helped me develop an eye for detail and composition, which are invaluable in oil painting.

The therapeutic nature of painting and incorporating it into my daily routine has led me to view painting not only as an artistic expression, but also as a source of healing and personal well-being. This emotional connection to my art is evident in my work with oil paints.

I mainly paint figuratively, but I often transfer my expressive motifs to landscapes and still lifes. I always try to break through the realism in my work with abstract elements in order to emphasize my artistic language and give my works a deep emotional dimension. I like to work with limited color spectrums, because these limits that I set for myself create the craziest motifs.