Commissions open!

Here you can see all the paintings that have already found their home in private collections all over the world.

  • Contact me

    Use the contact form below or send me a direct message on Instagram and tell me about your idea. If you want me to paint a portrait of a particular person or your pet, you can directly add some reference photos for me to work with.

  • Let't talk the things through

    In that phase we are going to plan everything - the colors, composition, size, price and how long will it take to complete. I can also create a digital sketch for you so there is no room for surprises - unless that's what you want!

  • How long does it take?

    It depends on many factors but it usually takes one to two months until you receive the final piece. If you are in hurry, I will definitely do my best to speed up the process.

Payment terms

Once we agree on all the details and, if preferred, you accept the digital sketch I created, I will send you an e-mail with the invoice.

The payment will be devided in two - first half upfront and the second half once the painting is done and you are happy with the final result.

The painting won't be shipped until the invoice is fully paid.

Contact form

  • Climber's hand

    Here's the message I received from the client:
    "I am a climber so I was thinking, a picture of my hand on a hold gripping it"
    Simple as that!
    Watch the painting process here:
    *Climber's hand painting process*
  • Raven's shadow

    „If you can I would like someone sitting with their arms around their knees, head in arms, and their shadow stretching out from behind them, rising, and turning into a raven“ - that’s how the work on the commissioned painting started. My lovely collector who is artist himself, shared his vision with me and I’m honored to be able to bring it to life!
    Next step was to agree on reference sketch & photo and that’s where the actual painting process began.